IAPM Highly Reflective Granules: Sustainable Solutions for Eco-Friendly Commercial Roofing


IAPM Highly Reflective Granules are specifically designed to assist manufacturers in creating environmentally friendly solutions for commercial low-slope roofing. These bright white ceramic-coated granules come with stain resistance technology that preserves the reflectivity of low-slope roofs. Made in the USA, these granules help create roofing products that adhere to California Building Standards Code Title 24 and ENERGY STAR® guidelines.

Features and Benefits

IAPM Highly Reflective Granules are a simple drop-in granule replacement for the creation of cap sheets that comply with Title 24 and other reflectivity standards. Drawing on IAPM’s extensive experience in roofing innovations, these highly reflective granules offer an eco-conscious solution for commercial building manufacturers.

  • Drop-in granule solution: no extra modifications or overcoating treatments necessary
  • Stain resistance technology: minimizes tobacco staining and weathering effects to maintain cap sheet reflectivity performance
  • Low dust levels: promotes a cleaner manufacturing environment

IAPM Highly Reflective Granules: Product Options and Specifications

  • Available in Size 11 grade
  • Sold in 1-ton super sacks
  • Manufactured in the USA using globally sourced materials

Key Details

  • Brand: IAPM
  • Bulk Density (Imperial): 71 lb/ft³ – 78 lb/ft³ Packed (IAPM TM058)
  • Color Durability: No Claim
  • Dust: 1% Maximum <100 Mesh US Sieve (150 µm) (IAPM TM045)
  • Grade: 11
  • Moisture Content: 0.5% Maximum (IAPM TM057)
  • Opacity: IAPM Roofing Granules are opaque to protect the asphalt substrate from sunlight effects
  • Product Color: White
  • Product Type: Highly Reflective
  • Quarry Source: Little Rock, AR
  • Specific Gravity: 2.55-2.70 (Helium pycnometry)
  • Total Solar Reflectance: Minimum of 0.73 (IAPM TM067 – measured on full grade)

Embrace a greener, more sustainable environment with IAPM Highly Reflective Granules. These granules empower manufacturers to develop eco-friendly solutions for commercial low-slope roofing. Designed to maintain the reflectivity of low-slope roofs, these ceramic-coated granules meet California Title 24 and other cool roofing guidelines.